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Please note: the color of the chart on your computer screen may appear yellow-tinted; this is due in part to the lighting and method used in photographing the poster. The actual color of the poster is "egg-shell / antique cream".

This first section of the poster is of the top view; you can see the left and top borders. The entire poster is bordered with hand-drawn pictures of the herb flowers, plants, leaves andtop cross-reference image roots, each individually identified.  In the left column you will find the herbs listed by both the common and botanical names, each herb taking up two rows. Following the common name are numbers and symbols representing the herb properties (also found listed on the bottom of the chart), and which part of herb is used (be it root, leaves, flower, etc). Following the botanical and common herb names are also symbols for which vitamins or minerals are found in the herb.

Along the top columns you will find ailments corresponding to the various remedial listings. Small triangles are situated at the points where ailments correspond with specific herbal properties; the 2nd line lists helpful information about the herbs and ailments. Next to each bit of information are small, circled numbers, which identify the sources of this information.

middle image


This middle section shows part of the section that lists the herbs and their individual properties, along with the herbs' abbreviations.




details of symbols and instructions



The bottom corner view shows some additional detailed art work, as well as symbols used in the chart, and part of the instructions on how to read it properly.




Finally, in its full glory, is the whole chartů.as mentioned before, there is no way that you can fully appreciate the detailed beauty of this chart from this miniaturized version of this posterůso keep that in mindů.

Full View Herb Chart Poster

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