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The Herb and Ailment Cross Reference Chart was first printed over 20 years ago.  Some of you may still own a copy: frayed, worn, faded...but still cherished.  I remember purchasing my copy at the Smithsonian Institute many years ago.  Others of you may have seen these hanging in friends' homes, at health food stores, holistic and herbal centers, etc.  Friends of mine wanted their own copies, but the poster went out of print and supplies ran out.  After years of searching for additional copies, I decided to contact the artist/author, Leslie Kaslof.  After weeks of negotiations and months of work, we came up with a solution: a new edition print of the Herb and Ailment Cross Reference Chart...

Finally!  You can get your own copy!

This nostalgic poster and "labor of love" is now available in 4 versions:

the large 27" x 39" on egg shell paper stock

the large 27" x 39" on egg shell paper LAMINATED

the smaller 24" x 32" on antique parchment paper

the smaller 24" x 32" on antique parchment LAMINATED

This chart was all handcrafted; an amazing piece of art, laid-out and type-set by hand, long before computers entered the world of graphics and print. Unfortunately, the details of the poster cannot be fully appreciated from images on the net, but if you'd care to view some closer details, click here.  


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