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   24" X 32"  on antique-look parchment paper   

27" X 39" on egg-shell colored paper, with a protective laminate coating*

* the large version is coated with fine laminate that is not visible / not glossy, increasing protection from spills and tears.

Shipping is via US Postal Service for a flat rate of $8.00 (for 1-2 charts)

To order a SINGLE COPY of the Herb and Ailment Cross Reference Chart by credit card, click on the BUY NOW button below

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L. Lodynsky
P O Box 307
Concord MA 01742

check should be made payable to Lydia Lodynsky

If you are interested in multiple copies or wholesale prices, email LLIDA@AOL.COM with subject line "HERBCHART ORDER" or call 914.388.4675

24 X 32 inches on antique parchment paper; no lamination

  $20.00    Quantity:    

27 X 39 inches on eggshell paper with non-glossy protective laminate

  Laminated  $32.00       Quantity:    

Insert TOTAL costs:      **add $8 shipping for 1-2 charts

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