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On June 8, 2001, Leslie Kaslof passed away. He is loved and remembered by many.....

Leslie J. Kaslof is an internationally recognized authority in the field of holistic health, preventive medicine, and natural approaches to stress reduction.

Leslie was instrumental in establishing the field of homeopathic flower remedies in North America. In the late 1970's, Mr. Kaslof entered into business with a British firm to represent a little known line of natural flower remedies used for stress relief. With Mr. Kaslof's efforts, these products were officially recognized as over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic drugs in 1980, and popularized throughout North and South America; they become known as "The Bach Flower Remedies" and "Rescue Remedies".

In 1992, Ellon USA Inc. developed it's own line of similar products. Leslie once again became involved, this time to assist in legal research and regulations, including trademark registrations, labeling, product claims, and manufacturing processes.

Mr. Kaslof spent much of his time researching and exploring new initiatives. His literary, research and writing skills have been acclaimed by such notable persons as Senator George McGovern in his role as chairman of the Select Subcommittee on Nutrition and Human Needs, Buckminister Fuller, Robert Rodale, Michio Kushi, and Norman Cousins. Leslie researched, wrote and did peer review for a number of professional journals, including Prevention, The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, New Choices in Natural Medicine, etc. He also appeared on numerous radio and television broadcasts such as Sonya Live, CNN, Healthline, WNYC Radio NY, The Gary Null Show, National Public Radio and Voice of America.

In addition to his natural health interests, Leslie became involved in law enforcement; in particular, he studied and applied his knowledge to in-depth training on the damaging effects of stress in police work. Consequently, this brought him to specialize in the area of police stress reduction. Mr. Kaslof wrote and lectured extensively on this subject, with his articles appearing in over 100 international, federal, state, and local law enforcement publications.

Some of Leslie's' appointments include Honorary Chief of Police for the New York City Transit Police Department (1990/1995), Honorary Police Commissioner for the Westchester County Police Department (1997), and Honorary United States Deputy Marshal / United States Department of Justice (1991).

Leslie was also instrumental in organizing New York City's "Cycling for Blue: Coast to Coast" (1997); this initiative took bicyclists cross-country from Portland, Oregon, to New York City. It was organized to raise national public awareness to the positive aspects of police bicycling, and to raise monies on behalf of the NYC Police Department's Uniformed Bicycle Patrol Program.

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